Proposed Solution for Mr. Snowden

And the Rest of Humanity

Edward Snowden - I Am a Peacemaker



"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi

Mr. Snowden


You have risked all to show people a small part of government corruption.


You have seen corruption's reaction to your book. You live in fear of corruption. We all live in fear of corruption.


Now show people how to end it with just four words, "I am a Peacemaker." Many will follow you. Many more will follow them.


Many Peacemakers, no politicians.

No politicians, no corruption.

No corruption, you are free.


Peacemaker. Magna Referendum. Democracy.

The most important thing to know about Peacemakers is that the power of their vote is never surrendered.

Your Power, Democracy, Koruptonacy
Edward Snowden Permanent Record

To free himself from the political clutches of corruption, Mr. Snowden becomes a Peacemaker.

Peacemaker Edward Snowden Permanent Record

Peacemakers understand that when the power of the Electorate's vote is surrendered to a politician, this is the power that corrupts the politician.

Political Power

Without the power of Peacemakers, politicians disappear. Corruption is removed from government.

As others join Mr. Snowden as Peacemakers, the politician stands powerless.


The growing number of Peacemakers will lead to the Magna Referendum, or Great Referendum.


It is here that corruption is removed from governments worldwide. Each Koruptonacy, government by corruption, will be replaced by a Democracy, government by the people.

Magna Referendum - Nstuk Bridge Global Peace Plan

Peacemakers follow the

Process of Democracy.

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Democracy - Nstuk Bridge Global Peace Plan
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